Quick Start

Time to get to know Holoswitch and its features. Check out our tutorial videos on how to connect Holoswitch and how to use several features. You're welcome!

Get connected

Check this quick tutorial on how to install and set up Holoswitch step-by-step:

Holocom - Your virtual smart device

Your Holocom enables you to receive call notifications, messages, and other app notifications while in Virtual Reality. Here’s how to use it:

Holocom Interaction

Your Holocom has several apps and more will follow. To interact with the Holocom you need to power it up. Here’s how to do it:


Holoswitch’s Peephole feature lets you easily your phone's camera directly to VR. Use it as a surveillance camera directly in your Holocom and always know what's happening around you. Curious about how to use it? Check this out:

VR Video Recording

Video Recording in VR is now easier than ever before. Simply start the Recorder app on your Holocom to start your VR video. Check this out:

VR Snapshots

Holoswitch’s snapshot feature lets you easily take snapshots in VR and directly stores them on your phone. Curious about how to use it? Check this out:

Notifications Dashboard

Missed a notification? No Problem. Check out the Notifications Dashboard. There you go:

Download Holoswitch

Download Holoswitch apps for your Android or iPhone and SteamVR. If you run into any problems with the installation please check our FAQ.

Notice: The iOS app is in beta.

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