June 17, 2020

UX/UI Update VR: Holocom BETA TEST

Hi guys! We have been quiet for some time but rest assured that we spent the time on exciting new features and improving stability. We heard your feedback that often notification overlays are in the way and interfering with the game that you are playing. One month ago we went back to the drawing board and came up with Holocom, which acts as a virtual smartwatch and will become the primary way of interacting with Holoswitch in VR. So now instead of having Notifications pop up in front of your view, you will receive a gentle haptic feedback and sound on your controller. And when you look at your wrist you will see the last notification that came in. So today we would like to invite you to test Holocom on the beta branch and provide us with some feedback. To switch to the Holoswitch beta branch in Steam

  • make sure Holoswitch is not running + also make sure that Holobridge (tray icon) is not running

  • right-click on Holoswitch > properties

  • select the beta tab and then select the beta in the dropdown.

We highly appreciate your feedback on Discord: https://discord.gg/B7YPtEu to create the best experiences possible! You're welcome!

Download Holoswitch

Download Holoswitch apps for your Android or iPhone and SteamVR. If you run into any problems with the installation please check our FAQ.

Notice: The iOS app is in beta.

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