February 15, 2021

Full Release

Finally, the time has come: Holoswitch has left Early Access! The app runs stable, the connection process is simple and easy and we’ve now finished the three core features of Holoswitch:

Holocom (Notifications) This is your smart device which shows your notifications and controls Holoswitch’s features. It contains apps such as the Peephole or the Video Recorder which can be managed here.

VR Capture Create snapshots and videos directly in VR. Use Holocom’s Recorder app and record VR videos easier than ever before! The captures are stored on your PC and can be easily synchronized with the mobile gallery.

Peephole Set up your phone's camera as a surveillance camera to see what happens around you. It will be directly streamed to your Holocom.

Leaving Early Access doesn’t mean that we’re stopping the development! We’ll continue to work on new features and on improving the UX and UI of Holoswitch. Now we’re putting all our resources and manpower into the development of the iOS app in order to make Holoswitch accessible to everyone. Find more information on our Roadmap and also suggest and vote for your favorite suggestions on our User Voting Board.

Thanks so much to all our Early Access supporters and Beta Testers. Without you, all this would have been impossible!

Cheers, Your proud Holoswitch Team

Download Holoswitch

Download Holoswitch apps for your Android or iPhone and SteamVR. If you run into any problems with the installation please check our FAQ.

Notice: The iOS app is in beta.

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