Faq - HOLOSWITCH - Take your phone into Virtual Reality

Questions we've been asked

1Which VR platforms are supported?
We support all OpenVr compatible platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality
2Does HOLOSWITCH support Playstation VR?
Unfortunately the first beta version of HOLOSWITCH will not be available for PlayStation VR but we hopefully will be working on a development for PSVR, too!
3Does HOLOSWITCH work with all my VR games?
Yes, as long as you launch them through Steam.
4Can I use HOLOSWITCH on my iPhone?
The first beta version of HOLOSWITCH will be only supported on Android, the iOS version is also in development.
5Can I use HOLOSWITCH on my Android phone?
6When my friend sends me a message, can I directly answer it in VR?
Yes, we are planning to support this feature.
7Can I directly answer phone calls from within VR?
Yes, we are planning to support this feature.
8Can I select which kind of notifications I will receive? Can I block notifications?
You can forward any notification from your phone and select on a per app basis which notifications you would like to receive and which not. The choice is yours!
9Can anyone intercept my messages and personal information?
A clear 'NO'! Your Privacy and security is our highest priority! Contrary to other apps and services all your data will be stored locally and not transferred to a cloud. This works with an HTTPS-encryption which secures your notifications and messages from falling into the wrong hands.
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