Quick Troubleshooting

Please check the following to solve possible connectivity issues.

1. Is Holoswitch running?

Please check if Holoswitch is running in Steam. You should see a Holoswitch icon in Windows’ tray in the down right corner.

2. Are both devices connected to the same network?

Please ensure that both PC and your smartphone are connected to the same network. They can connect via Wifi or Ethernet cable as long as the are in the same network. Holoswitch will not send data to a cloud. Everything stays in your local network, hence both devices need to be able to communicate with each other.

3. Does the Holoswitch Android app has granted access?

Please check your permission settings.

4. Did “Holoswitch” AND “Holobridge” get added to the Firewall rules?

Please check your firewall settings. Both services “Holoswitch” and “Holosbridge” (the part of Holoswitch that handles connectivity) need to get through the firewall. Please check if they have access and if not please manually add it to your firewall.

5. Using VPN? 

Please check if you’re using a VPN service that installed a Virtual Network adapter. Please deactivate it and check again if Holoswitch can detect your PC.

6. Did you restart everything?

If nothing works, you can try restarting Windows, our SteamVR app (please check if Holoswitch icon in Windows’ tray disappears). Sometimes some processes can get stuck and restarting can help.

7. Are you using a HUAWEI or Xiaomi Phone?

We noticed that some HUAWEI / Xiaomi users are getting our Test Notification but no other notifications from their phone. In these cases the problem was HUAWEI'S "Battery Optimization" which turns off the Holoswitch service when the screen gets locked. They solved it by setting "Run in background" to keep it running.

8. Holobridge is not running or Holoswitch icon is not visible in tray?

We don't know exactly why but for some users there are issues with the install. Please check the following path: c:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\Temp.net To see this folder you need to activate show hidden folders and files in Windows Explorer. If the "Temp.net" folder exists please delete it. This should solve your issue.

9. You’ve checked everything and Holoswitch is still not connecting/working?

Well, it seems that you discovered a bug then. It's not bad for now. In fact, it's quite good. Because we’ll try to fix it asap so other users won’t get to the point.  In that case please report it on our issue tracker here: https://bitbucket.org/tripleacode/holoswitchvr/issues/ Or join our Discord (https://discord.gg/B7YPtEu). Our developers are also there to directly provide support. You could also write a mail to support@holoswitch.com but you’ll get faster support via Discord and the issue tracker.

How use Holoswitch

Find tutorial videos on how to use Holoswitch on our Quick Start Page

FAQ – Questions we’ve been asked

1. Which VR platforms are supported?

We support all OpenVr compatible platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality

2. Does Holoswitch support Playstation VR?

Unfortunately the first beta version of HOLOSWITCH will not be available for PlayStation VR but we hopefully will be working on a development for PSVR, too!

3. Does Holoswitch work with all my VR games?

Yes, as long as you launch them through Steam.

4. Can I use Holoswitch on my iPhone?

The first beta version of HOLOSWITCH will be only supported on Android, the iOS version is also in development.

5. Can I use Holoswitch on my Android phone?


6. When my friend sends me a message, can I directly answer it in VR?

Yes, we are planning to support this feature..

7. Can I directly answer phone calls from within VR?

Yes, we are planning to support this feature.

8. Can I select which kind of notifications I will receive? Can I block notifications?

You can forward any notification from your phone and select on a per app basis which notifications you would like to receive and which not. The choice is yours!

9. Can anyone intercept my messages and personal information?

A clear ‘NO’! Your Privacy and security is our highest priority! Contrary to other apps and services all your data will be stored locally and not transferred to a cloud. This works with an HTTPS-encryption which secures your notifications and messages from falling into the wrong hands.

Download Holoswitch

Download Holoswitch apps for your Android SteamVR. If you run into any problems with installation go to FAQ.

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